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Wholesale Hunter's
Ammunition Abbreviations

For your convenience Wholesale Hunter hopes that this table will be helpful to describe ammunitions abbreviations that are listed with our products.

Ammunition Abbreviation Abbreviation Definition
ACC Accelerator
AccuBond Nosler's AccuBond® High Performance Bonded Core BulletsT
A-MAX® Hornady's A-MAX®

Ballistic S Winchester's Ballistic Silvertip®
Ballistic T Nosler's® Ballistic TipT
BrnExp Barnes' Expander MZT Muzzleloader Bullets
BB BB Caliber 0.171 to 0.173 inches (0.177 Smoothbore Barrels)
BBB Winchester's Drylok® Super Steel Wad-Water Resistant for Waterfowl Loads
BBWC Bevel Base Wad Cutter
BEB Brass Enclosed Base
BJHP Brass Jacketed Hollow Point
Bird Shoot #71/2-0.095, (2.41mm)-#9-0.080, (2.03mm)
Black Magic Magnum Brenneke USA-Brenneke Black Magic Slug
Blanks No Ballistics
Blitz Sierra BlitzKing
Bonded Winchester's Supreme Elite Bonded Personal Protection PDX1T
Brass Enclosed Winchester's WINCleanT (for cleaner air, and cleaner guns to reduce lead vaporizing.)
Bt Boat-tail
BtHP Boat-tail Hollow Point
BTHP Match Hornady's Boat-tail Hollow Point Match(Competition Grade)
BTSP Boat Tail Soft Point
Buckshoot 00 ("double-aught")-Size:0.33" (8.4 mm)

CB Cast Bullet
CAST LEAD F Cast Lead Flat Point
CASTCORE FL Cast-Core Lead Flat Point
CN Conical Nose
CL, C-L Remington's Core-Lokt®
Cl-Ultra Remington's Core-Lokt Ultra®
COPPER PLAT Copper Plated
CowboyT Hornady's CowboyT Action rounds

DEWC Double Ended Wad Cutter
DGS® Hornady's Dangerous Game Solid
DGX® Hornady's Dangerous Game Solid with Controlled expansion
DUAL BOND Winchester's Dual BondT-Proprietary Bonding Process creating a dual jacketed bullet within a bullet.
DU Depleted Uranium

EVO, FTX Hornady LEVERevolution Flex Tip expanding
EXPANDING P Winchester's Super-X® Expanding Point
EXPERT Winchester's Super-X® Expanding Point Lubaloy Coated

FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
FMJFN Winchester's Full Metal Jacket, Flat Nose Truncated
FMJFP Full Metal Jacket Flat Point
FMJ-ENC Full Metal Jacket-Encapsulated
FMJ-REMANUF Full Metal Jacket-Remanufactored
FMJ-RN Full Metal Jacket-Round Nose
FMJ-SWC Full Metal Jacket/Semi-Wade Cutter
FMC Full Metal Case
FN Flat Nose
FP Flat Point
FP-XTP Flat Point-XTP® (Extreme Terminal Performance)
FST Winchester Fail Safe Talon
FTX® Hornady's Flex Tip®
Fusion Fusion® Pressure-formed and Copper Jacketed

Game Point™ CCI's Game Point™ Jacketed Soft Point
GC Gas Check
GD CCI/Speer Gold Dot®
GDHP CCI/Speer Gold Dot® Hollow Point
GDSP CCI/Speer Gold Dot® Soft Point
GMX® Gilding Metal eXpanding™
GS Remington's Golden SaberT High Performance Jacket

HC Hard Cast
HAP Hornady's HAP® (Hornady Action Pistol)
HB-MATCH Hollow Base-Wad Cutter Match(Competition Grade)
HC-dram Handicap-Dram Equivalent
HC Hard Cast
Hi-BRASS High Brass Loads
HI-SHOK SOF Federal's Power-Shok® Soft Point
HI-SHOK SPR Federal's Power Shok® Soft Point Round Nose
HM2 Hornady's Mach 2/V-Max™
HP Hollow Point
HP COPPER P Hollow Point Copper Plated
HP XTP® Hornady's Hollow Point XTP®
HPJ High Perforence Jacket
HS CCI's 22 HS Mini Mag
HS Federal's Hydra-Shok
HSP Hollow Soft Point
HST Federal's Hi-Shok® Two
HV High Velocity
HYPER-VELOC CCI's Hyper-Velocity, 17 Mach 2/V-Max™

IB Hornady's Interbond®
Interbond Hornady's Interbond®

J Jacketed
JFP Jacketed Flat Point
JHC Jacketed Hollow Cavity
JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
JHP/sabot Jacketed Hollow Point/sabot
JHP/XTP® Jacketed Hollow Point with Hornady's XTP® projectile
JSP Jacketed Soft Point

L Lead
L-C Lead Combat
L-Tt Lead Target
LFN Long Flat Nose
Lead FP Lead Flat Point
Lead HP Lead Hollow Point
Lead HP WDCT Lead Hollow Point Semi-Wad Cutter
Lead RN Lead Round Nose
Lead Sh Lead Shot
Lead SWC Lead Semi-Wad Cutter
Lead SWC-GC Lead Semiwadcutter Gas Checked
Lead WC Lead-Wad Cutter-Match(Competition Grade)
Lead TC Lead Truncated Cone
LEVERevolution® Hornady's LEVERevolution® with Hornady's FTX® and MonoFlex™ ballistic tips
LONG CCI's 22Long

M1 Hornady's A-MAX® M1 Garand (a purpose built 30-06 match load specifically designed for the M1 Garand rifle.)
MAGNUM Brenneke® U.S.A. Classic Magnum (is the perfect balance between stopping power, penetration, while still having moderate recoil.)
MATCH Match (Competition Grade)
MATCH HP Match Hollow Point (Competition Grade)
MC Metal Cased
MHPt Match Hollow Point
MK Sierra MatchKing (Competition Grade)
MRWC Mid-Range Wadcutter

Nosler® Nosler® Ballistic Tip®
NP Nosler® Partition®
NTX® Hornady's NTX® (Lead Free/Non-Toxic)
NTX VarExpr Hornady's NTX® Varmint Express

OTM Open Tip Match (Competition Grade)
OWC Ogival Wadcutter

Paper Trap Paper Hull/Trap Shooting
Partition® Nosler's® Partition® (Dual Core bullet(Partition supports front core mushrooming and provides rear core to retain two-thrids bullet weight))
Partition Gold™ Winchester's® Partition Gold™
PB Lead Bullet
PR Penetrating Rounds
PB Parabellum
PersDef Hornady's® For Personal Defense
PLAT TIP HP Winchester's® Platinum Tip™ Hollow Point
PL Remington Power-Lokt
PM BONDED Winchester's® Power Max Bonded™
POWDER Winchester's® Smokeless Black Powder
POWERPOINT® Winchester's® Power Point
Poly-Tip CCI'S® HMR Poly-Tip (Read special manufacturers warnings.)
PREMIUM MATCH Federal's® Premium Match (Competition Grade)
PSP Plated Soft Point
PSP Core-Lokt Remington's® Core-Lokt® Point Soft Point
PSP, PTDSP Pointed Soft Point

RF Rim Fire
RIFLED RIFLED (specially designed for rifled shotgun barrels)
RN Round Nose
RN FP LEAD Round Nose Flat Point
RN LEAD Round Nose Lead

SBT, SBT SP Sierra GameKing Boat Tail Soft Point
SBLP Winchester's® Smokeless Black Powder
SEGMENTED HP, SLHP, Segmented Long Rifle Hollow Point
SEMI WADCUTTER Semi Wad-Cutter Lead
SHORT 22 Short
SHORT MAGNU Short Magnum
SHOT Shot (specifies size or diameter of BB's in shotgun shells)
Silvertip™ Winchester's® Ballistic Silvertip™
Silvertip™ HP Winchester's® Ballistic Silvertip™ Hollow Point
SJ Semi-Jacketed
SJHP Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SJSP Semi-Jacketed Soft Point
SP Soft Point
SP Spire Point
Sp,SPTZ Spitzer
SpHP Spitzer Hollow Point
SLUG Shotgun Shell Slugs
SLUG HP Shotgun Shell Slugs Hollow Point
SMALL GAME CCI's® 22 Long Rifle Small Game Flat Point Lead Bullet
SOFTPOINT L Soft Point Lite
SOLID Solid-Subsonic
SOLID COPPER Solid Copper Plated
SP-RP Spire Point-Recoil Proof
SP/RP Spire Point-Recoil Proof
SPEER FN Speer Flat Nose PowerShok
SPFN Soft Point Flat Nose
SPRN Soft Point Round Nose
SST® Hornady's® SST® Features: Premium Polymer Tip, Secant Ogive, Boattail Spire Point Profile, and The InterLock™ Ring
SST® Hornady's® SST® Shotgun Shells with FTX® Tips
SST LT MAG SST® Light Magnum
SSp Semi-Spitzer
ST Silver Tip
STEEL Steel Shot Pellets
SUPER SABOT Brenneke® U.S.A. Super Sabot
SUPER STEEL Winchester's® Drylok® Super Steel offers higher velocity and added water resistance.
SWC HP Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point
STHP Silver Tip Hollow Point
SWC Semiwadcutter
SX Super Explosive
SXT Winchester Ranger Supreme Expansion Technology

TAP FPD™ Hornady's® TAP® For Personal Defense™
TARGET Winchester's® Target Loads Shotgun Shell
TB TIP Federal's® Trophy Bonded Tip
TC Truncated Cone
TMJ Total Metal Jacket
TMJ+P Total Metal Jacket plus Parabellum
TRAP Trap Shooting Shotgun Shells
TRIPLE SHOC Barnes Triple Shock X Bullet
Trophy Bonded® Federal's® Trophy Bonded® Bear Claw
TRUN CONE Turn Cone Nose or Tip
TSX™ Barnes® Triple Shock X-Bullet
TSX™ Boat Ta Barnes® Triple Shock X-Bullet Boat Tail
TTSX-Flat Nose™ Barnes® Tipped Triple Shock X-Bullet Flat Nose

ULTRAMATCH Ultramatch (competition grade)
UMC Remington's UMC®-Utilizing proven traditional Metal Case)
USA USA Jacketed Hollow Point

VMAX Hornady V-Max® Ballistic tip
V-MAX MOLY Hornady V-Max® Ballistic Tip Moly-coating
VITAL SHOK Federal's® Vital Shok (for medium and large game)
VLD Very Low Drag

WC Wadcutter
WIN MAG Winchester Magnum
WMR Winchester Magnum Rimfire
WFN Wide Flat Nose
WFNGC Wide Flat Nose Gas Check
WLN Wide Long Nose

X Barnes X-Bullet
XTP Hornady's XTP®-Extreme Terminal Performance
XTP HP Hornady's XTP®-Extreme Terminal Performance Hollow Point
XTP MAG Hornady's XTP®-Extreme Terminal Performance Magnum

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