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Bargain Basement / Sabatti Classic Big Five 450/400 3" Nitro Express 24" Barrel Rifle Auto Ejectors Double Trigger Ejector Walnut Stock New production
Sabatti Classic Big Five 450/400 3



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Sabatti Classic Big Five 450/400 3" Nitro Express 24" Barrel Rifle Auto Ejectors Double Trigger Ejector Walnut Stock New production

Sabatti Classic Big Five 450/400 Nitro Express 24" Barrel Rifle Auto Ejectors Double Trigger Ejector Walnut Stock

New IFG production. This IS NOT a Cabalas gun.

Craig Boddington recently tested and reviewed several of the new Sabatti rifles and said they were some of the finest double rifles he has ever shot at any price. He was so impressed that he purchased one of the Sabatti rifles he reviewed. See his Article in Petersen Hunting Dangerous Game Issue December 2016.

African Dangerous Game Side by Side safari double rifle in 450/400 3" Nitro Express double triggers with ejectors.

The .450/400 3" Nitro Express AKA 400 Jeffery was once a favored caliber before the .375 H&H. This will fire a 400 grain bullet over 2100 FPS making it an excellent Cape Buffalo rifle. The high sectional density of the 400 grain solid at 2100 FPS will penetrate deeper than 458 Win Mag with a 500 grain solid making this an effective elephant rifle with manageable recoil. It is better to shoot a 400 grain bullet accurately and quickly that a 500 grain bullet poorly. Consider a 450/400 as you Dangerous Game rifle.

According to John Taylor he wrote about the 450/400 3"..."I have used it extensively on all kinds of African game from Elephant on down with the greatest possible satisfaction." "I have never heard any African hunter complain about the .400." "For some reason that I find difficult to explain, I derived greater pleasure from using the .400 than any other caliber; and no weapon behaved more successfully in my hands."

We carry Hornady Ammunition. Brass, Bullets and reloading dies the 450/400 3" Nitro Express.

Designed and manufactured for performance, strength, reliability & accuracy. The receiver is forged & milled from a solid block of high strength steel.

IFG Sabatti rifles are built with the latest CNC machinery for tight tolerance, precision fit and lower cost of production blended with Old world craftsmanship to have the best of both worlds.

All Big Five Express rifles have a larger receiver with mono block barrel base and dual locking lugs for extraordinary strength to handle any large dangerous game calibers.

Deluxe Engraved coin finished receiver with sculptured action release lever.

This rifle has double triggers with ejectors. Only the fired case will eject and unfired cases are pushed back by the extractors for easy unloading.

The safety is tang mounted and slides forward to fire.

Walnut Stock oil finished with hand cut checkering and Magnum recoil pad.

The 24" barrels are cold hammer forged from 4140 chrome molybdenum steel. The barrels are installed in a mono block base with dual locking lugs for extraordinary strength. Hand regulated with Hornady DG ammunition to within 2.5" point of impact center to center at 50 yards. The new barrel brazing process affords extraordinary strength and long life. After final regulation they are finish in a high luster blued.

Brass bead front sight with a 3 leaf rear express sight. The rear sight is adjustable for Windage. Elevation can be adjusted by replacing the front sight blade with a different height available from IFG in Amarillo Texas.

A 12 mm European quick debatable Scope base is included for scope mounting. The scope base is designed to straddle the quarter rib behind the rear sight and attaches with 4 provided screws. The European 12 mm Contessa type base is the preferred base for this type of rifle due to its low profile, strong recoil lug and the ability to quickly detach your scope and still use your express sights over the base. Also this type of base does not detract from the clean appearance of the rifle. If you prefer a standard American Weaver style scope base can be substituted.

All IFG Sabatti rifles are proof tested by Italian law to C.I.P. standards at 25% over pressure of standard factory ammunition. The barrels are measured before and after firing 2 over pressure rounds and checked for any changes in measurements. Only then will the barrels be stamped with the Government's Proof House stamp and returned to the manufacturer for sale.

The selected grade walnut stock with full Bavarian cheek piece & beavertail forearm are hand checkered and oil finished. The great thing about true oil finishes is that small scratches and dents can easily be repaired without having to refinish the entire stock.

The stocks have a long length of pull so if required they can be cut to fit your exact length, But it is not necessary. They are fitted with a red rubber butt plate.

Standard detachable swivel studs are installed, one in the buttstock and one attached to the lower rib in front of the fore end. We provide an extra set of non-detachable sling swivels that you can install in place of the detachable ones to suit your preference.

The rifle weighs 9.9 pounds.
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